“Promotes Natural Healing of Annoying Sensitive Sores!”

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Here’s What Other People Are Saying:
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“I ordered the Herpalite Tablets and the next time I felt the tingling feeling you get when a cold sore is coming on, I started taking them and I never got a sore! I have done it two more times since then and the same thing – no cold sore!”
C.R. – Alberta, Canada

“I was diagnosed out about 4 years ago. I get pretty regular breakouts. The sores used to last about 10 days, but with Herpalite they are gone in about 4 days. That is faster than with anything else I have tried.”

T.T. – British Columbia, Canada

“The prescription stuff did not work all that well for me – Herpalite works better, and I am into natural stuff so I prefer not putting a chemical prescription drug into my body every day.”

M.O. – Ontario, Canada

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Herpalite retails for $29.95, but we just gave a massive discount just for you!

Why You Need Herpalite:

The Freedom

Your life is your own and annoying blemishes shouldn’t define you. Herpalite has helped thousands of people reduce the length of annoying breakouts and find quick relief. Now it’s your turn. Brought to you by Lite Nutraceuticals, Herpalite is helping people like you live happy, healthy lives and relieve those annoying, unwanted sensitive sores.

The Science

Lite Nutraceuticals stands behind brands with natural ingredients. We believe that nature is the best source of healing. And as such, Herpalite contains natural ingredients to strengthening the body’s natural disease fighting mechanisms to help keep your body under YOUR control. Utilizing the amazing properties of Prunella Vulgaris, L-Lysine, Reishi Mushroom and Oregano Oil, Herpalite maintains your body’s natural defence mechanisms against viral infections.

Licorice Root, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil promote glowing, healthy skin and may help to maintain scare-free skin and promote skin healing.

The Benefits

Exclusive Formula: We used complex processes to maximize the potency of the active ingredients in Herpalite. While some products may contain a few of these ingredients, or ineffective amounts of many, there is simply nothing like Herpalite currently available online exclusively.

Unsurpassed Potency: Works in 6 Ways and ingredients of Herpalite have been known to: Promote natural healthy state of body mechanisms that attack viruses, Regulate pain, Supports healthy Anti-Inflammatory processes, Promote your skins natural Healing process, Regulate Reoccurrences and Scarring.

Rock Solid Guarantee: We don’t want you to pay for Herpalite if you’re not thrilled with it. If it doesn’t work, send it back to us for a full refund.


Herpalite retails for $29.95, but we just gave a massive discount just for you!


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